Wilf Noble graduate to Associate Member Status

21st Oct 2019

Congratulations to former Development Group member Wilf Noble who has become the latest graduate to the primary h&b group.

Wilf Noble has grown its turnover and proved its compliance, making the Yorkshire-based single branch operation the ideal candidate for promotion to the main h&b group. Wilf Noble joined the h&b Development Group in September 2018 and the management team has been pleasantly surprised that h&b has offered them much more than the great buying deals that they joined for.

“Joining a buying group was a big step for us as an independent family-run business,” says Wilf Noble MD Catherine Noble. “But as soon as we joined we knew we had made the right decision. The feel of the group and the professional culture, has really helped us through the process. The h&b team has helped guide us through the whole process and being able to speak to fellow members who have 'been there, done that', has been a great advantage for us.”

Whilst joining the h&b Development Group has meant some big changes at Wilf Noble, primarily in buying, the merchant’s management team has been impressed with the buying benefits that h&b membership brings.

“We are definitely buying smarter: more full loads, better deals, new suppliers,” says Catherine. “All of the big brands are now keen to talk to us and as well as better delivery terms and deals we have had improved allocations of key products. We are really excited to be joining the main h&b Group and looking forward to making a strong contribution to the Group to help grow everyone’s businesses.”

Contact Details

Suite 22-23 Shenley Pavilions,
Chalkdell Drive,
Shenley Wood,
Milton Keynes,