Fulham Timber Joins h&b

15th Jan 2019

Fulham Timber is a family-owned builders merchant based in South London supplying tradesmen with timber, sheet, joinery, and general building supplies from its five branches to Greater London and beyond. Established in 1984, Fulham Timber remains a family-owned business headquartered in Brixton.

Fulham Timber Director Will Dobb is very excited about the opportunities that h&b membership will bring . They are looking to continue the company’s growth trajectory and believe that the competitive buying deals that h&b offers, and its excellent rebate system, will make a real difference to growth potential as well as our bottom line. Margins are very tight in timber at the moment and being part of h&b's great deals will offer us the margin protection that will allow us to grow.

h&b are really pleased that Fulham Timber have taken the decision to join our growing membership. The profile of the typical h&b partner is dynamic, locally strong, and with a real commitment to growth, service, quality, and innovation. As such, Fulham Timber fits h&b’s membership criteria perfectly.

”h&b is working strategically to grow its network of members, specifically targeting merchant businesses with locations, specialisms, and the calibre to benefit the whole group. We work hard to ensure that the onboarding of new members is painless and seamless, supporting them in taking advantage of our great deals as quickly as possible without disrupting their business,” says Steve Parkins, Managing Director.

Contact Details

Suite 22-23 Shenley Pavilions,
Chalkdell Drive,
Shenley Wood,
Milton Keynes,